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Whimet offers diverse, state-of-the-art Metal Finishing Services.

On September 15, 2023 Whimet Inc. was acquired by Paragon Medical. Click to learn more >>>

Whimet Inc. is a metal finishing and fabrication business dedicated to cost effectively serving the most challenging of our customers’ needs.

We offer diverse state of the art metal finishing services such as ANODIZING, BLASTING, ELECTROPOLISHING, LASER ETCH, PASSIVATION, POLISHING, and VIBRATORY. Premier Service, quality, and customer satisfaction are not just words to us. They are values that govern our employees’ daily.

Whimet serves a broad based group of industries, focusing on orthopedic, medical, fabrication companies, machine shops and wire products manufacturers. We have world class metal finishing capabilities and competitive pricing.

Premier service, quality, quick turn around, and exceeding our customer’s expectations are our objectives.